Types of promotional codes and how to use them

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When it comes to different marketing strategies that many brands follow to generate revenue for their business, one of the effective tool is promotional codes. Big brands like Verizon also offer different promotional codes for their customers like Verizon Wireless promo codes through which customers can save a lot of money on their purchases. Also the customer needs to read the terms and conditions mentioned on Verizon Wireless promo codes along with the validity of the code.

When you enter a promotional code while checkout process, the store basically confirms all the terms and conditions of the code before it is validated. For example if the store offers a discount of 15% on purchase of $200, then the code will not work if you do not make minimum purchase of the amount specified. You can customize your needs to eliminate some products or brands.

For business owners depending on their website you can also allow your customers to punch in multiple promotional codes or restrict customers to use one code only.  You can decide how many codes you want to allow your customers to use.  Just make sure that each transaction is profitable for your business regardless the combination of different codes you use.

There are 3 types of promotional codes the store owners can select from and they are

Private codes

Stores use these codes to target a particular group of people. It is ideally offered to loyal customers on special shopping. Also new customers are good source to drive new customers.

Public codes

These codes can be used or viewed by anyone. These codes are helpful to attract new customers and encourage old shoppers to visit again.

Restricted codes

This code is restricted to an individual user and can be used only once. For example, you can send the customer this code to apologize for delay in shipment or a token of thanks for making their 50th purchase through your site.




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