Learn About the Different Safety Measures That Needs To Be Taken For Your Router

Whether you are using a freehand or a router that is mounted on a table, it is very important for the workers to follow the safety practices each time they rout. It can help the workers to remain protected as well as keep the router safe. Here we present to you a lot of tips for using the best wood router safely while getting the best results out of the device.

Safety Tips

  • Make sure that the horsepower of the router and the speed is appropriately matched with the material and the size of the bit selected.
  • The power must be disconnected when changing bits or mounting attachments.
  • The attachments, bits, locking device, and the clamp must be secured before starting the router.
  • When routing freehand, make sure the hands and the fingers are clear of the bit. If possible try to use a push stick which can push the work past the bit.
  • Make sure you are protecting your eyes and ears properly. This can help to avoid dust, flying chips, and noise to cause any injury.
  • Pulling the bit about 1/16 inches from the collet is important. If the bit remains in full contact with the bottom of the collet can cause it to get loosened during routing and it can be very dangerous.
  • Ensure the workpiece is fastened securely to the work table. Also, using a friction mat atop the bench before clamping can prevent the shifting of the workpiece.

Going through the wood router reviews is always recommended as it can help you to decide on which router model is safe to go for and also help you to get your job done in an efficient way.

Wood router forms an important tool for the woodworkers. With this tool, woodworkers can easily shape out decorative edges; make raised panels; cut patterns and grooves, or make designs across multiple pieces of wood.


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