Best ways to capture Pikachu in Pokemon Go

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Well, with the increasing popularity of the game Pokemon Go, a lot tips and tricks are available online to learn how to play the game. Though there are many tutorials available to learn how to play game like a Pokemon master, many people often find it convenient to look for Pokemon Go cheats, to make the game easier.

If you want to learn about the game especially about how to grab a Pikachu, then this article will help you learn the best ways to do so.

Choose Pikachu as the starter Pokemon

It is quite simple, if you haven’t played the game yet. When you catch your Pokemon in the beginning, may it be a Charmander, Bulbasaur or Squirtle, depending on which one you tapped on, just neglect it. Continue doing the same every time you get to choose from any of the three, and eventually Pikachu will pop up. This is the easiest way for players who are quite experienced playing the game. You can opt for this option if you are fine with starting again and again or yet to start playing.

Try to hatch your Pikachu from an egg located at a distance of 2 kilometres

Try to find and hatch as many eggs as you can locate at a distance of 2 kilometers.  Hatching more eggs will increase your chances of grabbing Pikachu. Also, if you continue hatching them, you will get a good amount of Pikachu candies.  This method can prove to be slower as there is no surety of how many eggs you will hatch during the game. Choose this method only if you have ample of time to spend.

Use incense in an empty area

This method is truly rewarding of all other methods mentioned above. This method will help you grab a plenty of Pikachu.

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